Sprite Shower Head

Did you know your skin is the LARGEST organ on your body?

It's true!

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and needs to be treated with care.  Have you installed a water filter on your shower heads as well as your kitchen sink?

Ever notice how tired you feel after taking a hot shower/bath?  It might be the toxic fumes coming from the steam of the tap water.  It's also known as hard water vs. soft water.  When you put lotion on, your skin may still be dry and itchy.  Be sure to install a water filter in ALL the water sources in your home to protect the whole family! 

You don’t just drink water. You wash in it, cook with it, and clean with it. Your water is considered hard when it has a high concentration of minerals. Typically, they stick around long after you shut off the source. Scale in the shower, spots on your dishes, and soap scum in sinks and tubs are surefire signs of hard water. Now imagine those same minerals clinging to your skin... 

Hard water clogs pores, dries you out, and triggers flaking and itching. All of which can lead to acne, scaly skin, lifeless hair, and more. And anyone familiar with eczema and psoriasis knows hard water only makes matters worse. So it’s no wonder outlets like Vogue refer to hard water as a “beauty nemesis.” It’s simply something you don’t want sticking to your skin. 

I endorse ClearlyFiltered and currently they do not offer shower heads, our shower head replacement filters are still available here.  Shower filters are most compatible with the Sprite Shower Head available on Amazon.  

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