All lotions in one bottle

How do I use Topical CBD salve?

LaurelsLeaves can be applied to the skin right after bathing for an instant spa experience at home.  Simply place a pea sized amount in your palm, rub your hands together, and then gently massage into your skin. I love using this after a workout, cleaning the house, or even before heading out for the day.  A must for any self-care routine is stimulation of the nerves, and who better to massage those places besides you?  No one expect you knows exactly where to rub and how intense the pressure should be to get results.  A lot of people are experiencing challenging finances, so that's where LaurelsLeaves can help!  In the comfort of our home, you can experience the same results as an expensive spa day. Another reason to use LaurelsLeaves right after bathing is because this product will eliminate the need to use multiple bottles of lotion, oils, etc., everything is contained in one bottle!  Coconut oil, essential oils, beeswax and Vitamins A, E & D are blended together making moisturizing your skin easier than ever!
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